Mt. Cutler (Hiram, ME)

The Whites from Ridge Walk
The Whites from Ridge Walk.

Mt. Cutler (1,232 ft.) is a relatively short (appx. 3 mi. loop) hike in Hiram, Maine, with impressive views along the way (here is a detailed map and guide: MtCutlerTrails2017Rev2C-1).  Additionally, in the new 11th edition of the Maine Mountain Guide, Mt. Cutler gets its own map.  The trails, maintained by AMC volunteers, are made possible by private landowners.

The Barnes Trail, marked with red blazes, ascends from a parking area by the former railroad depot off Mountain View Road, up through overgrown Merrill Park, where a (shallow) abandoned gold mine can be accessed from a side trail to the left.   The trail quickly ascends up rocky ledges to points overlooking Hiram and the Saco River below.

Mt. Cutler

The ridge walk contains great views and blueberries in the summer.  The Barnes trail does not extend to the actual summit of Mt. Cutler, which is on private land (there is currently no marked trail to the summit, but respectful bushwhacking to it is apparently ok), but turns hard left at the notch below the summit, where it meets the Saco Ridge Trail, completing the loop down to the parking area.

One thought on “Mt. Cutler (Hiram, ME)

  1. Mike Hohmann April 18, 2018 / 1:36 am

    I remember crossing the Saco down In the Whites (AMC Highlands Ctr.) and never gave any thought to where it came from or where it went… too busy thinking about the trail I guess.


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